Online Training Service for the Future of Your Organization


HR Development Solutions Provided Online 

As we promote telework, we also need to update employee training regimes and education frameworks.  
In this service, we use the offline (face-to-face/collective) training know-how that we have cultivated so far to conduct online training using the web conferencing system. In addition to preparing content that can demonstrate the same effects as before, we would provide stress-free video and audio training using equipment such as full HD cameras and dedicated microphones for online training.  
We would support the creation of the future of the organization by developing various training services centered on the four fields of "business manners," "global HR development," "team management," and "anti-harassment measures/stress management."  

*Please note that all the services are only offered in Japan.

Recommended for the Following Cases

  • 課題 It is difficult to train new employees while we are experiencing a pandemic
  • 課題 We have implemented telework, but we would like to continue to provide high-quality education and training
  • 課題 I want to learn communication, risk management, and stress countermeasures for the "living with COVID-19" period and the post-COVID-19 period

Results That You Can Expect

  • By using the web conferencing system, training can be conducted anywhere. Even in a telework environment, we can support employees in their journeys to improve work-related skills.
  • Through team management training, you can visualize how motivated each employee is and lay the foundation for proper communication and coaching.
  • In the training for new employees, in addition to learning with videos and quizzes using smartphones, we also provide hands-on telephone answering training so that you can acquire real business etiquette even when you cannot go to office.

Service Features

  • While using the conventional training know-how, we brush up the curriculum according to the online training. We can demonstrate the same training effect as before.
  • We have a menu of items such as AI coaching and assertive communication methods in order to learn how to handle online communication and how to keep your motivation high, which are critical issues in telework.
  • We provide the training programs that cater to various levels of hierarchy and jobs at a company, ranging from new employees without a sufficient training due to COVID-19 to managerial candidates who need to acquire knowledge of diversity and so on.

Implementation Steps

We would identify the issues faced in education and training through hearings and propose the most suitable program.


【Business Manners】  
Topic: The pandemic is causing disruptions in new employee training  
→ Business etiquette training of new employees that 10,000 people take annually 
→ Online communication training for working adults to improve their self-expression 
→ Learn proper business etiquette through videos and quizzes on your smartphone 

【Global HR Development】 
Topic: We want to be ready to deal with inbound tourism in the post-COVID-19 era 
→ Industry-specific  (restaurant/hotel/infrastructure) Hospitality language (English/Japanese)  
→ From one-on-one to groups: English/Japanese/Chinese 

【Team Management】 
Topic: It’s hard to see how every team member is motivated during telework  
→ Motivation level visualization "AI Coaching Plus"  
→” Isn't it wrong?” Real one-on-one coaching 
→ Assertive communication that conveys information/opinion in a clear and professional way even if you are hesitant to speak up. 
【Anti-Harassment Measures and Stress Management】 
Topic: The Power Harassment Law is in force . but we cannot efficiently teach employees how to deal with “power harassment” 
→ Prevention of harassment for a safe and secure workplace:  Anti-harassment / diversity training 
→ Seminar on "How to do PDCA of  your mind" to discover and use your own resilience 
→ Communication in the telework era: How to train your mind and body 
* Each training is an example. Combinations and customizations of courses are available.  
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