Mental Health Checkup “Stress Check”


A Service that Contributes to Corporate Health Management by Quickly Grasping Employees' Mental Health Issues

From Dec 1, 2015, the stress check system has become mandatory due to the partial revision of the Industrial Safety and Health Act. The main purpose of the stress check system is to prevent mental health issues from arising amongst employees. The stress check system achieves this by grasping the key stress factors and improving the work environment.  
The mental healthcare company, Safety Net, has a strong record in the industry. It can be used as a one-stop service, acting on behalf of a practitioner, recommending doctors, making effective use of group analysis, improving the work environment, tracking the stress development of highly stressed people, and making doctor appointments.  

*Please note that all the services are only offered in Japan.

Recommended for the Following Cases

  • 課題 We carry out stress checks, but the group analysis part is difficult to understand and cannot be explained in company meetings
  • 課題 I don’t understand because I've only done it with the current contractor
  • 課題 I want to take measures according to the results of stress checks

Results That You Can Expect

  • Raising employee self-care awareness
  • Visualization of your company's issues by comparing with other companies in the same industry in group analysis
  • Use the results of group analysis to improve the work environment

Service Features

  • Medium: You may select the exam medium of choice, such as online, paper-based, or a combination of both, according to your company's needs
  • Analytical power: Your company’s results can be compared with data of the corresponding industry.
    We provide a wealth of analysis data, including comparisons by department and over time, within the price range
  • Ability to improve the work environment: With 20 years of EAP (Employee Assistance Program) experience, we can propose optimal work environment improvement solutions from analytical data.

Implementation Steps