"Virtual Event" Service that Brings Various Events Online


Expanding Communication Possibilities by Holding Online Events 

Due to the effects of COVID-19, real-life events such as exhibitions, ceremonies, and seminars have been forced to be canceled, and the loss of business opportunities has become a major issue. 
We make full use of the know-how cultivated at real-life events such as general meetings of shareholders, ceremonies, and exhibitions of major companies as well as digital content technology such as VR and CG to provide a full support to virtual events that are contact points with a wide audience.  

*Please note that all the services are only offered in Japan.

Recommended for the Following Cases

  • 課題 Real-life events can no longer be held, and we have lost contact with customers, as well as lost opportunities for new development
  • 課題 In real-life events, there are many restrictions on location and time, and we have not reached a wide audience
  • 課題 I want to analyze the behavior of visitors in detail and use the data for future marketing

Results That You Can Expect

  • Since it is possible to attract customers without being restricted by location or time, it is possible to approach a target audience you could not reach in real-life events.
  • The organizer can reduce the cost required to secure and set up the venue, while the attendees and visitors can reduce travel time and transportation costs.
  • By accurately collecting and analyzing the behavior of visitors, you can follow up, analyze your target and conduct a continuous promotion much smoother after the event.

Service Features

  • At virtual exhibitions and showrooms with exhibition booths being lined up, where visitors can freely walk around, you can guide them to product explanations, external sites, online chat, etc., and increase your contact with customers.
  • By holding the ceremony online and live-streaming it in cooperation with YouTube, it would be possible for many people to watch it regardless of location restrictions.
  • Online seminars allow two-way communication with participants while delivering slides and videos in real time.

Implementation Steps

We provide one-stop services for everything from virtual event planning to content creation,
operation on the day of the event, and follow-up.