BPO for HR Dept. Tasks (Payroll, Labor Law Compliance, etc.)


We recommend the best improvement plan for operation and tasks that suits each client, using our abundant experiences and knowledge.

Many tasks at a HR Department such as payroll, employee management, and maintenance of company regulations ensure that employees can work without any worries. If any of these tasks is not taken care, it might shake the foundation of that company.


A majority of this kind of tasks are clerical work and at the same time, there are many tasks that require a specialized knowledge such as laws and regulations. Due to this nature of tasks, each task is often attached to a specific person. A cost of HR Dept. is often said to increase because they have to hire a specialized person.

The need to focus on a core task of HR Dept. including "to think and make a judgement" is increasing. By using outside services, streamlining tasks and decreasing a burden on HR Dept. personnel can be achieved.

Please note that all the services are only offered in Japan.

Recommended for the Following Cases

  • 課題 I would like to outsource the tasks but am afraid to outsource all the tasks.
  • 課題 We have a large number of employees. At multiple locations like factories, tasks related to payroll, employee management and so on must be taken care.
  • 課題 We would like to review an entire labor-related tasks and achieve streamlining and optimization of tasks.

Results That You Can Expect

  • We support all the labor-related tasks.
    This will enable you to focus more on a core task because some of the tasks outsourced receive many inquiries from employees which usually take up a lot of time to respond.
  • Insourcing which Pasona staff handle tasks at your company's location is possible.
    You can insource tasks for a selected time period and later outsource some tasks to achieve efficiency and cost reduction.
  • You can achieve paperless office for various applications and document management by implementing SmartHR.
    You can achieve an increase in efficiency and cost reduction by not using paper and mailing them.

Implementation Steps