HR Development/Technologist Training Programs for DX


Currently the development of LCAP(Low Code Appication Platform) is getting much attention in the world. With LCAP, you can develeop a software in a short span of time without writing a souce code or with a minimum coding.

It has been implemented in companies globally including GAFAM and its market is forecasted to become more than 2 trillion yen by 2020. More than 65% of applications in the world are forecasted to be LCAP by 2024 as well.


The LCAP tool which has the largest share in the market is Power Platform (PPF), offered by Microsoft since 2016. This tool has a merrit that you can easily develop a new application if you are used to using Microsoft Office.

Pasona Tech is certified as "Microsoft Power Apps Partner" since October, 2020, and has being providing various supports in PPF implementation and use within companies.

Please note that all the services are only offered in Japan.

Recommended for the Following Cases

  • 課題 I want to achieve both cost cut and increase in competitiveness by creating applications in-house by using LCAP.
  • 課題 I want to develop technologists with high level of expertise who can drive DX within my company.
  • 課題 I want our employees to increase their IT literacy and acquire practical knowledge and skills.

Service Features

  • We offer services from providing basic IT knowledge to developing human resources who will be a technology expert in DX.
  • We will strengthen a Tech Intensity of each employee through training which will ensure a steady step-up.
  • As an option, we provide OJT for development, use of the Technical Support Center, use of "Co-creation" Lab/Adviser. You can work on use of Power Platform and development of applications while using these options.

Implementation Steps

We offer various trainings and services in the program based on "DX Value Journey", providing a steady
Depending on the current levels of employees and what skills you would like them to acquire, you can
select appropriate trainings.


All the prgrams can be taken online.


<Beginners Course>

(1) Basic IT Training

Aim to acquire the basic IT literacy which would be the same level as passing a Japanese national examination for an "IT passport" by learning basice knowledge on IT in general.


(2) Training for Design Thinking

We develop human resources who can use a design thinking process, seek for potential demand/issues to be aware of in order to develop new products/services/businesses. You will learn a basic knowledge such as background, aim and process of design thinking.


(3) Power Platform Hands-on 

It is a online hands-on to be able to use LCAP. You will learn how to use Power Apps to automate tasks around you and Power Automate to create an app for work flow application/approval.


(4) Work Shop for Operation Improvement

You will aim to be able to propose an operation improvement on your own by unifying and effectively using all the information. You will find and select issues from actual operation, and plan how to improve with an app that you create, using the Power Platform.



(1)Training on How to Conduct Business Survey

It is an online training to learn about business survey and visualization of tasks so that you can make an inventory of all the tasks and select issues to be taken care.


(2) OJT for Development (Assistance by Trainer)

You will select a task which you can create an app in one month while doing your regular work. Then you will aim to complete a development of a new app by receiving an online counselling from a trainer once a week.


(3) Technical Support Center

We will respond to technical questions on Power Platform through an inquiry form or email.


(4) "Co-creation" Lab

Pasona Tech's engineers will support you by working together or providing advices in developing applications using Microsoft products such as Power Platform. Through a regularly-scheduled meeting with an engineer and technical advices by an engineer, we will assist you in all the steps from design, development to implementation, operation and improvement. By accumulating knowledge within a company through in-house creation together with "Co-creation" Lab, it will be possible to expand a use of an application to each department of your company.